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Oct 9, 2019

    Boot.img :
    boot.img contains the kernel and ramdisk, critical files necessary to load the device before the filesystem can be mounted. Having a wrong Boot.img on your phone can refuse it to boot !

    cache.img Contains the cache data where Android stores frequently accessed data and app components. not really needed and should be unticked when trying to flash a device.

    Checksum.ini verifies md5 checksum , if you get a checksum error before flashing, just delete it Wink

    EBR1, EBR2 Are your partitions. 1+2 Means 2 Partitions. You can also edit the size of them.

    UBOOT (LK.BIN) U-Boot is an universal boot loader for embedded systems, targeting different platforms including ARM. Uboot and BootIMG are important files on your phone. If your device is not booting or your display is not working ( black or stripes ) , you should reflash and check those files.

    FAT: means file allocation table . the purpose of the file allocation table is to provide the mapping between clusters – the basic unit of logical storage on a emmc chip at the operating system level – and the physical location of data in terms of cylinders, tracks and sectors .

    Logo.bin As the name suggests, this is your bootlogo Happy It can be changed using this tutorial

    MBR Stands for Master-Boot-Record. MBR is generally referred to as first sector (size : 512 bytes) of any partitioned drive whereas volume or partition boot record holds code to initiate booting and is invoked by MBR. So in short words, it defines your partitions.

    Scatter File : Scatter is a file which is used to describe the loads of regions in a specific android device running MediaTeks ARM architecture. Bascially it tells the flash tool where to flash each image.

    Preloader : this is really important. The preloader communicates with your PC. It´s needed when you want to flash your device. Due to the preloader your phone should be detected as a port on your pc and should be flashable. Downloading a wrong pre-loader can brick your phone , so be careful ! Never flash the preloader if not needed. There are different states of the pre-loader (like META Mode). Even when you think your phone is bricked, mostly you can revive it.

    Recovery.img Thats you recovery. It must be “tailored” to each device. You cant flash a recovery image from a different device, but you can create your own CWM recovery using MTK droid tools.

    Secro.img Is an important file for the baseband and the IMEI. You need to reflash it to rebuild the structure. But anyway you have to restore your IMEI too.

    System.img As the name suggests, this partition contains the entire Android OS. You can try different system.img from other phones without a problem. just be sure to have a backup when you try them Happy

    User Data : Contains your personal data (do not share it with a backup) So this partition contains the user’s data like your contacts, sms, settings and all android applications that you have installed. While you are doing factory reset on your device, this partition will wipe out, Then your device will be in the state, when you use for he first time, or the way it was after the last official or custom ROM installation.